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* United States release for "Make Everything Bright"
* Tour
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Night to all you people of the world!!!

Another newsletter keeping you informed of the music....

About a year ago I finished my record, "Make Everything Bright," so that I would have it to sell last summer in Europe. The plan was to come home after the 3 month tour and have a proper release in the United States. However, I came home and found myself tired & distracted from touring. I'm happy to announce that TODAY, I am releasing the record here in the United States, FINALLY! Many of you already have copies of the record. If not, I encourage you to buy buy buy!!! *wink* You can find it here on the Music Page. There are also MANY digital stores like itunes & Amazon that carry the record, as well. Just do a search for Molly Thomas. I am including a preview of one of my songs from the record for you to download, "Leaving in My Blood." I hope you enjoy!!!

This coming Friday night, I will have my CD release show at The Basement here in Nashville. I will be accompanied by Marco Giovino (co-producer) on drums, Kip Winger on bass & Dave Coleman on the electric guitar. Also on the bill will be Otis Gibbs & Brian Ritchey. We'll kick off the evening at 9:30. The poster below says 8:00 but it's actually 9:30.
There are more shows in the next few weeks in Mississippi & Alabama. So please come say hello!!!

Yesterday, I experimented with the video process for the first time and actually surprised myself with a video for my song, "The Ocean." That was alot of fun! I hope you will take time to view it ;)

That's it for now! Many thanks to all of you supporters!!! It's a jungle out there in the music world and to know that you enjoy the music means so much!!! THANK YOU!!!

Peace & Love,

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