The Opportunist


Photo by Griffin Norman

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It was a busy
weekend & week for me with a few recording sessions, work and great visits with

I started blogging last week about the new record, Make Everything
Bright...the first of a series of blogs and video blogs to come. Over
the coming weeks, I will tell the stories behind each of the songs. –
A new thing for me...early in my career I made the decision not to
explain my songs, hoping people would connect and interpret them to
suit their own needs.

First let me say that when I write a song, it can start off with a certain
meaning or truth. Then, after time it can morph into something
completely different. That’s kind of nice on one hand because the
song can stay fresh and not become boring to perform. However,
I do like to reflect and think back about what my main concept was
when I first wrote the song. I think it’s important to keep that honesty
alive and breathing.

That brings us to The Opportunist--a short, sweet (or not so sweet!
) song about someone we’ve all known: a climber trying to advance
herself and stepping on people and emotions along the way. Some
may take this to be about the music business. Yes, there was some
inspiration from my career as I’ve watched people use this means to
get ahead. It’s hard to mix business and art together without getting
into…… difficult situations!

After my first show, someone asked if this was about a certain former
man in my life. No, not really. It’s all about interpretation. Everyone
knows a person who is an opportunist – someone who studies what
others have and wants if for himself or herself. These people don’t
care at all about who they step on or what they take – emotionally or
physically – from others.

This is a song about calling people out on their grabage…and trying
to hold them accountable. It’s for those of us who’ve had it happen to
us finally putting our feelings into words and telling it like it is.

Ok... so that’s song #1, “The Opportunist,” from “Make Everything
Bright!” I hope you enjoy the blogs. Please feel free to write back and
let me know what the song may mean to you. If you didn’t see the
blog from last week, please visit my blog page on the website for an
update! I’m also attaching the video blog here for you to view.

Thanks & have a nice weekend!
Peace & love,

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