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Alabama Kick Ass: Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds – “Calling My Name” 
"WOW!!!!!!  That’s all I can say.  Take Melissa Ethridge and throw her in southern Alabama, and give her kick-ass tunes, and you get Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds.  This is how Americana should sound; glistening guitars, pounding rhythm, bass riffs galore, and a beautiful voice that reaches out to the stratosphere.  There is something Emmy-Lou Harrisish about Thomas and her band, comprised of Thomas on acoustic guitar and violin, Rick Hirsh on guitar, John Milham on drums, and John Keuler on bass.  The four of them are all well acquainted with each other, and that makes an album about connections make so much sense.  This is beautiful music.  I’ve been listening non-stop." - Phil King 

- Audio Fuzz


"Molly Thomas & the Rare Birds are premiering their brand-new song 'Sharona,' and its accompanying music video, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to hear the mournful, contemplative tune.
Despite partially sharing its name with the Knack's 1979 hit, 'Sharona' was actually inspired by a woman Thomas met. 'She'd fled from the dregs of New Orleans after [Hurricane] Katrina to Nashville, where I was living at the time," Thomas tells The Boot. "She had an immense impact on me, and all I wanted to do was take her home with me, hug her and help her get better.'

- The Boot


"Today, Wide Open Country is premiering the stunning "Tumbleweed," a cautionary tale that captures the despair of being in love with a rambler. Spacious and dreamlike, the song conjures up images of lonely travelers in a roadside diner somewhere in the desolate southwest."
- Wide Open Country


The players match the sultry spirit of “I Wanna Live” with an irresistible bluesy churn as Thomas sings, “Got my best cotton dress on/ Stickin’ to my skin’/ Part of me is dressed for travelin’/ Part of me is dressed for sin.” In “Laura” Thomas indicts a woman who’s never measured up, but tempers that vivisection with encouragement that it’s not too late; that’s a tricky balance that the music buoys with the sunniness of ‘60s pop. “Thank You,” in which Thomas tenderly arranges the pieces of a broken marriage, becomes a semi-classical lullabye. In “Callin’ My Name,” the song that gives the album its title, the band brings chiming, pulsing rock energy to dreamlike poetry, creating a hallucinatory anthem.
- The Rogers Review


"Glide is thrilled to premiere “Calling My Name” (below) from Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds, a poetically graceful track with a rumbling rock enigma that recalls Patti Smith and Heartless Bastards. Thomas comes across as cross pollinator or rock history, combining the highly charged confessional and big hearted singer-songwriter rock of the 70’s."
- Glide magazine



Molly Thomas is unfiltered ‘south.’ She is the feel and the sound of the southern United States. In an America where food chains, 
homogenized broadcasting and department stores oppress the uniqueness of any time and place, Molly manages to sound untouched 
and singular in her expression. She's vulnerable and stubborn while she honors the themes of loneliness, literature and that ethereal 
humidity that comes with the southern perspective. ~ Matthew Ryan

Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds ALBUM RELEASE SHOW

Cedar Street Social Club, 4 North Cedar Street , Mobile, Alabama 36602

Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds will be performing songs off of their new album, Honey's Fury. Opening the show will be Hannah McFarland & Ferrill Gibbs.

Hannah McFarland - “Hannah is the total package – brains, beauty and she’s wickedly talented and it’s only the beginning.” – Colton Bradford, Radio Personality

Ferrill Gibbs - "The unique quality of Ferrill Gibbs' music makes his sound one of the freshest in the Mobile scene." Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe

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