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7 months after devastating wreck, Gulf Coast songwriter Molly Thomas takes wing again - Lawrence Specker AL.COM

Molly was in a serious car accident August 1st, 2023. She was t-boned and rolled several times leaving her unconscious. Jaws of life cut her out of the car and she was life flighted to USA Hospital in Mobile, AL. Molly suffered multiple injuries and is home recovering. “Friends, fans and fellow musicians have launched efforts to support Molly Thomas, a respected Mobile-area singer-songwriter seriously injured in a wreck earlier this week.” - Lawrence Specker AL.COM

“Molly’s songwriting is beautiful, haunting, and deeply personal; she crafts her songs from her own personal experience of love, loss and redemption… you feel every note with hypnotizing clarity.” - Scott Bottrell of Fairhope Living Magazine February 2021 Issue

I am happy to announce that our album, Honey's Fury, made several top charts for end of the year ratings for 2019... listed in the order in which they came in.

1.) Americana Highway Magazine's top 100, where we were #16 
2.) Viola Krouse's Top 37 Releases of 2019 for Making a Scene Magazine
3.) Warren Kurtz's Fabulous Albums & Songs for Goldmine Magazine's top 20
4.) The Song, "Laura" was a top 20 song for Goldmine Magazine
5.) Van's 10 Most Essential Records of 2019
6.) Favorite Album of the Year! 2019 READERS' CHOICE AWARDS for The Southland Music Line 

Thank you ALL for your support and to these journalists who took the time to listen to our music. It makes me happy that you were touched by the songs.


Molly Thomas is unfiltered ‘south.’ She is the feel and the sound of the southern United States. In an America where food chains, homogenized broadcasting and department stores oppress the uniqueness of any time and place, Molly manages to sound untouched 
and singular in her expression. She's vulnerable and stubborn while she honors the themes of loneliness, literature and that ethereal humidity that comes with the southern perspective.

~ Matthew Ryan

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